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Daler-Rowney Art Supplies

Daler-Rowney Art Supplies Aquafine Watercolours Artists Watercolours Georgian Oil Colours Pastels Artists’ Acrylic Designer Gouache Pencils Easels Willow Charcoal

Artists Watercolours

Artist’s Watercolours are characterized by its rich, free-flowing colour, which leaves no hard lines at the edges of washes.

Georgian Oil Colours

Georgian Oil Colour offers artists high performance at an economical and uniform price across all colours in the range.

Aquafine Watercolours

Students and leisure painters may prefer to ‘discover the art of watercolour’ using Aquafine, which offers brilliant free-flowing colour at an economical price.


The finest pigments are blended with chalk and china clay to produce the vibrant colour and smooth velvet texture of Artists’ Soft Pastels, each one carefully wrapped by hand.

Artists’ Acrylic

daler-rowney Cryla Artists' Acrylic

Daler-Rowney has always undertaken a continuous programme of technical improvement to create ranges such as Cryla Artists’ Acrylic that surpass all the standards.

Designer Gouache

Designer Gouache

Designer Gouache is a brilliant opaque artists' quality body colour, developed for professional designers working on illustrations for graphic reproduction.


Both Artists Watercolour & Pastels incorporate the same colour codes as Artists Watercolour tubes & half-pans and Artists Pastel sticks.


field easel

At Eyes Wide, our aim is to offer artists of all abilities the complete painting experience. On this part of our site you will find a selection of our high-specification easels.

Willow Charcoal

Willow Charcoal art supplies

Renowned as the worlds finest willow charcoal, tried and trusted traditions are combined with innovative production techniques and environmental concerns.